Investment Strategy

Tremont Realty Advisors, Inc. invests in well-located, high quality office flex, mixed use and multi family properties across the risk spectrum, from:

  • Turnarounds;
  • Properties in need of  renovation or repositioning; to
  • Stable assets with strong upside potential.

Additionally, our Marina Realty Advisors division looks to acquire marinas and other marine oriented properties. Visit for additional information.

We describe our target locales as “glue markets,” meaning that the benefits that flow to our tenants are so compelling that they want to “stick” with our properties.   We avoid areas where so much commercial space is available that it has become a commodity where price is the overriding factor in tenant decisions.

We are interested in properties in infill locations where the demographics suggest a favorable consumer base but where a scarcity of desirable development sites or an onerous entitlement process may create strong barriers to entry.

Such markets typically have a history of vacancy rates that are significantly lower than national and regional averages. Our buildings are typically in a transit oriented neighborhood setting rather than in a corporate park, often within walking distance of amenities. Typically, our selection of a location is also driven by key demand generators such as proximity to executive housing, hospitals, county court houses, or major airports and also close to high-visibility, main road locations with easy ingress and egress.

We search for unrealized potential in properties that have been mis-managed or under-managed by disinterested or poorly capitalized owners. Once we acquire a property, we design and execute our unique property improvement program. These enhancements, coupled with an intensive leasing program, are intended to create a buzz about the property among tenants and brokers in the market.

Over the next few years, we expect to see a somewhat stable period of moderate rent growth and reasonably healthy occupancy; what some might call a not-too-hot, not-too-cold “Goldielocks Market.” The specter of high inflation, however, looms in the back of many analysts’ minds in light of the extraordinary measures being employed by the Federal Reserve, in an attempt to stabilize our economy in the aftermath of financial crisis. In spite of these perceived uncertainties, we believe our investment strategy should provide above average returns along with a hedge against potential future inflation.